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Historical Research

A journey begun years ago as a child listening to the stories told by grandparents and great-grandparents continues into the present. These stories are family stories about individuals who are related to me, but most of them I never met as they lived long before me. What grabbed my interest in my youth, however, was not that they were related but that the stories were intriguing no matter who they were. Accompany me on my continuing journey back in time and you might just find these stories as captivating as did one little girl who listened in awe to the tales of those who came before. These are a few of those remarkable people:

  • the Revolutionary War Captain Samuel Walker of South Carolina
  • William Garrison Sheppard who had picket duty at Germanna Ford during the Civil War and was captured as a POW and whose daughter Mamie would later marry Jefferson Davis Holtzclaw, a descendant of Hans Jacob Holtzclaw who first lived in this country at the very same Germanna
  • the four Holtzclaw great-uncles who fought in the Civil War with one killed in action and buried in an unknown grave
  • the Revolutionary War Patriot, Rev. Andrew Yeargin, who was a circuit-riding Methodist minister preaching against British rule
  • My gg-grandfather, James S. Chaney, who served in the Civil War, was captured and severely wounded twice, sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, sent to Point Lookout, Maryland and then walked home to South Carolina.
  • My great-grandmother, Cora McGowan Chaney, who married Robert Lee Collins. Left a widow with four small children, she farmed, cared for her children, and spoke out for the right of women to vote.